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Uday Deo

Sales & Marketing Consultant

16 Station Road Manurewa 2102

About Uday Deo

Those that haven’t yet meet Uday will soon learn the friendly and approachable nature that he is bestowed with.

Having come from a teaching background where he reached the heights of the Principalship. Uday was a long-time building inspector and senior building inspector, in both the later careers he dealt directly with people across all works of life. Serving the needs of the people since has transformed as his passion.

Uday has been a community leader amongst his community which has augured well to develop him professionally. He has a mature behaviour which has a direct influence to his approach to customers and professionals that he works with.

The repeated referrals by his past clients is a testimony in itself for the diligent salesperson quality he poses.

Uday anticipates that there are a pool of valued customers that he can make a difference to, so make it your first choice with your next listing of buying of a new property.

Apart from his professional work he is a father to three daughters with profound medical career together with the beautiful wife Anjila. Like every well-knit family ours is growing with much love and we now proudly share the joy of a grandson.

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