• Trish Holster

    Sam exceeded my expectations of a real estate agent on ALL dimensions! Both the sale price for my property and the time to close the contract exceeded my expectations that were based on market data. Equally important, Sam is absolutely client-centered: highly ethical, easily available for a chat, and really nice people to know. Thanks, guys. Extra: Economic growth and recession are largely about how people think and talk. Your rock-solid belief in the value of the real-estate and its community and your positive talk help explain why the recession-talk at a national level is not having any impact on house prices here! It seems to be an important part of the LJH brand as well. Your optimism was ‘catching’, and I have set myself a more ambitious career goal than I would otherwise have done. I wish you, LJH and the community prosperity in the future. Also, being a great business person requires being a great person first, and I believe you are a really great person; the kind of people our world of the future needs. Best wishes for your future.

  • Bevan Dowling

    We contacted Sam, after being in communication with other agents. Instantly we felt an eagerness to be looked after us as a customer, and felt appreciated. Communication was Quick and Honest overall we were listened to. We were very pleased with the Auction results despite media reports of a dipping market and still exceeded our price expectations through there proven methods of sale.

  • Janice Sproull

    Sam was fabulous from the start. I instantly felt comfortable with him and he never at all pressured me throughout the campaign. I chose him based on a referral and his knowledge in the area. As an elderly lady, I wasn’t completely sure on the sale process so they communicated with my family throughout the campaign to endure everyone was happy. I would be happy to refer Sam to any close friends and family.

  • Jerry and Thomas

    What a privilege it was to meet this young and energetic salesperson, Sam. Thank you for a great experience in selling our first home, we had a lot of anxiety and were worried until you came along! Thanks for all of the laughs we shared along the way and of course we were grateful for the results!