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Atesh Narayan

Sales and Marketing Consultant

16 Station Road Manurewa 2102

About Atesh Narayan

Atesh arrived in New Zealand from Fiji in the Year 2000. Since then, he has won and assisted clients in securing their visas from numerous countries and ethnic groups.

Apart from being a fully Licenced Immigration Adviser since 2010, Atesh has practised as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson from April 2016. His passion, persistence and professionalism have inspired many clients in securing properties in South Auckland.

His natural ability to engage and detail the values of persons when making real life decisions is a credit to him and supported by his all-round sales skills. Atesh, is a completer-finisher, reliable and accountable for his actions.  

Atesh has generated a comprehensive network of clients and friends and has a thorough understanding and awareness of the Auckland community. He has procured excellent communication and customer service skills. He continues to build relationships by bringing honesty, integrity and trust to the table with his clients aligned with strong negotiation skills which have greatly assisted him in closing the deal.

I attribute my success to my commitment and passion around getting the best possible outcomes for my clients, that combined with a strong work ethic and a high level of professionalism, has, I believe, assisted me in getting the best results for my clients.”

Atesh is an active soccer player and an administrator for his local soccer team. He loves travelling and meeting people. In the New Zealand community, his leisure time is being active which involves supporting many sports for adults as well as children locally. You will find him either with a personal trainer at Busy Body or at swimming pools in and around Auckland.

Atesh has two sons and a daughter-in-law and his beautiful wife, Ragni Narayan who are the inspiration behind the success of his business. He is a committed family man who strives to ensure his initiative and commitment to serve the community is a priority for him, his family and his business.

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